Personal Income Tax Return and Accounting Services

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Complete accounting and tax service designed by property investors for property investors. 


Streamlined data collection and dedicated processes to minimise the amount of time clients have to interact with their accountant to prepare their returns. Use all property related deductions to minimise your taxes and maximise your returns. Optimise your capital gains and legally minimise capital gains tax paid.

Income Tax Return and accounting services include:

  • Individual and couple tax returns.
  • Tax returns for entities such as companies, trusts and SMSF’s on request.
  • PAYG Variation forms – reducing the tax you pay through the year to benefit you now. Keeping your money with you, not the tax man. Reducing the tax withheld by your employer in every payslip leaving more money to pay off your loan or invest in additional property.


Access to all PTS (Positive Tax Solutions) webinars and training material

  • Monthly Webinars
  • Annual Year End Tax Update
  • Closed Facebook Group for members with tax experts


We don’t just prepare your tax returns but educate you on how to optimise your tax position to maximise your returns. Tax rates are high in Australia but legislation around property investment provides a range of deductions that can be claimed and depreciation options that can minimise your personal taxes. Knowing how to use these now and into the future can make a fundamental difference in your long term investment outcomes.

  • What documents to provide
  • When to ask for advice
  • Tax consideration you need to consider when investing in property.
  • How to maximise your deductions.
  • What can I claim?
  • What are ATO red flags?
  • How is CGT calculated
  • Difference between repairs/capital improvements.


  • Webinar
  • Facebook groups

About Us

Anthony Wolfenden

Tax (Financial) Adviser

Anthony Wolfenden has been investing in real estate for the last 30 years and has purchased over 100 residential properties in Australia and overseas. Anthony is also an Authorised Financial Planner and a registered Tax Financial Advisor with 10 years offering tax effective advice to property investors.

The combination of property investment and effective management of taxes is the basis of his personal wealth creation and he is sharing this knowledge with clients as part of the services offered by Positive Tax Solutions.

Daniel Macpherson

Tax Agent & Certified Accountant

Daniel is a CPA Accountant with over 15 years experience in various industries. Like most accountants he has a passion for numbers however is equally passionate about the people behind them.

He takes pride in being a part of his client’s story and ensuring they can achieve their goals and get the best possible outcome.

Kim Wolfenden

Kim Wolfenden​

Partner Referral Sales Person

Kim Wolfenden, a Partner Referral sales person at Positive Tax Solutions, is passionate about working alongside her family and a dedicated team of professionals to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Her extensive experience and understanding of property law continue to inform her work, providing clients with valuable insights into the legal and tax implications of real estate investments.

Nyasha Kangausaru

Nyasha Kangausaru​

Individual Tax Specialist
Nyasha Kangausaru thrives in the complex world of tax law, leveraging each challenge for growth. She builds strong relationships through her analytical and approachable style. With experiences in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Australia, she adapts seamlessly across cultures. Nyasha values continuous learning, whether through books, podcasts, or networking. Outside the office, she relaxes by cooking and exploring new destinations. Family is central to her life, guiding her personal and professional journey.