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Property Investor Tax Strategies Webinar

Save Up to $50k Every Year

Date: Wednesday, 8th of May
Time: 7:00pm AEST
Location: Zoom Online

What you’ll learn on the night
  • What are the 4 Big Taxes that are making you broke and the government rich
  • What is PAYG variation and how does it work⁣ to give you more cash flow each week
  • How to best take advantage of depreciation – the difference between new and old will shock you, with up to 500% more tax deductions
  • Why tax planning is underrated but the most IMPORTANT action you need to take as a Property Investor
  • Ownership structures and the best way to own an investment property – dependent on who you are and what you are buying (this is not a straightforward one-size-fits-all strategy)
  • Positive Gearing, negative gearing, positive cash-flow, positive cash-flow after tax – they all mean different things and work for different people – but do you know which strategy works for you?
  • Legal and effective tax strategies that may help you claim up to 78% of your taxes each year.

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